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7 Ways Inbound Marketing Helps Higher Education


If you work within higher learning, there's a common goal at hand, getting someone to take action. Whether it be a high school senior requesting more information, a parent scheduling a campus visit or an unhappy undergrad looking for a change of scenery, there's always some form of action needed to be taken. To get this action from your target, you've got to provide some type of value that entices them to act.  With the right Inbound Marketing strategy, you can surpass your goals and overtake the competition. 

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How to Create Student Buyer Personas

As an institution of higher learning, you want to position yourself as an overall great place to be for students and faculty alike. Alumni want to have pride in their alma matter, students want to love the place they live and learn and faculty want to feel good about where they work. Inbound can help to position your institution right where you want, and need to be. 

Here are 7 ways Inbound Marketing helps higher education: 

1. Promote Your Brand

Your university is doing some pretty great things, now make sure people know about it. 

2. Attract Students and Increase Applications

Students are the lifeline of any institution. The more you have, the stronger you become. 

4. Increase Alumni Donations

Growth is essential to thriving college or university, but growth cost money. Attract the right alumni donors with the checkbooks to make this growth happen. 

5. Recruit Better Faculty

Just as important as students are the people molding them. As your institution starts gaining more recognition as a thought leader and overall great place, more people will want to be a part of that family. 

6. Boost Website Visits

When you're putting valuable content out into the universe, the universe gives back in the form of great traffic. The more relevant eyes that see your content, the more opportunity for growth. 

7. Optimize Organic Search

Your target has obvious needs and when they ask a question, you need to be there to answer. Whether it be in the form of an Ebook for selecting a college major or a checklist for a campus visit,  keep your institution top of mind and good things will happen. 


Inbound Marketing For Higher Education


With the right strategy, inbound marketing helps higher education reach all new heights. 

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