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17 Brilliant Clothing Advertisement Ideas for Your Brand

Creating a product or service people NEED is your first hurdle as an entrepreneur or future business owner. 🎩

Well, everyone has a need for clothes. In fact, in most circumstances, clothes are both essential and a “luxury” item all at once, making the marketing complicated, exciting and fun. 

Because everyone is always buying clothes, you have much less of a difficult time identifying and advertising to your target audience

However, because clothes are so popular, it can make the competition fierce when it comes to clothing advertisement

If you’re here looking for answers, we’ve got them. Let’s dig in! 👕👢




Why Do I Need Clothing Advertisement?

First of all, if you’re reading, I’m going to assume you’re either interested in clothing advertising or are dipping your toes into the space to get familiar with it. Which is awesome! 

Clothing advertisement is the art of displaying the characteristics and style of an outfit or article of clothing in a way that entices viewers to learn more or make a purchase. 

The ultimate goal is to break through all the noise of the online market- the endless barrage of clothing advertisements and marketing trends to present your own clothing options in the best light possible. 

Think of social media like a stage. Your clothing ads efforts are the lights, music, props and quality of the production. The main event? Your clothing. 

The key is finding the perfect combination of lights, props, music and inspiration to spin the perfect clothing advertising campaign. A clothing advertising campaign is the best and most perfect way to spread the news about your brand, put the focus on particular products and grow your online audience. Even if you’re starting from zero.


Constructing a Vigorous Clothing Brand Strategy for Clothing Advertising


Before you can truly begin your clothing advertising journey, you have to have a vigorous brand strategy in place. We’re going to hit on all of the most important points. 🎉 (Feel free to ask us a question you don’t see the answer to in the comments!) 

Establishing Your Brand Appearance

When it comes to your brand appearance online, you want everything to flow and be familiar with new viewers. 

This means that you need established brand colors, an established logo and an established appearance for your brand when it comes to clothing ads. 

In addition, you’re going to need to make sure you’re staying “in tone” and “on brand” when it comes to your copy writing. You can read more about this specifically and catch some examples below. ⬇

Identifying Your Target Audience


So, who is your target audience? If you’re not sure, you’re in the right place. 

Identifying your target audience is important because it tells you WHO you should be targeting, WHERE your clothing advertisement efforts should be focused and HOW they should be focused, specifically.

But first: 

Why is it So Important to Identify My Target Audience?

When it comes to how to promote your clothing brand, Identifying your target audience is important for all of the reasons listed above, but most importantly because it’s a money down the drain to advertise without goals. 

Even with a limitless budget you would still be tossing good money after bad taking a non-targeted approach to clothing ads. 

Who Should I Target?

This is a simple answer because you already have quite a start. 

Who can wear your clothes? Men? Women? Children? Babies? Maybe you’re targeting specific regions, climates or genders. 

Whoever you’re targeting, there’s one thing I can guarantee after being in the industry for over a decade: your target audience IS on social media. And while it’s not always EASY to find them, they’re waiting for you. It CAN be done. 

3 Quick Tricks to Identifying Your Target Market for Clothing Advertisement

But enough talk. Let’s go over some quick tricks that you can use to quickly identify your target market online.

#1 Identify who your clothing is for and make a note of it. Who else might be purchasing your clothing? Would a man buy these clothes for his wife? Vice versa? Children’s garments are more often purchased by women, but it can go both ways. 

#2 What style are the clothes you’re planning on advertising? This will also dictate HOW you promote and approach your clothing advertising options.

#3 What is the budget range for potential customers? (You can target based on yearly income on some specific platforms.)

Here’s a quick clothing advertisement target market example: 

Women, 29-50, income in the range of $55,000-$100,000 a year, living in cooler climates.


Men, 22-55, business casual dress code, income in the range of $40,000-$100,000 a year, living in warmer climates.

Targeted Clothing Advertisement Examples

Keeping your target audience in mind during clothing advertisement creation can exponentially increase your chances of seeing incredible results from your clothing ads efforts. 

The goal is to create an ad that drowns out all the other noise in favor of YOUR message. 

It can be wildly beneficial to create a kind of “theme” when it comes to your brand messaging and appearance. Something that immediately brings your brand to mind when your target audience lands on one of your ads. 

A couple of examples of some eye-catching, targeted copy for a clothing advertisement would be: 

Example #1: Trendy 

“Start the summer off right: catching waves and catching eyes. 👀 💋” 

“Step up the heat: pull off a hot new you this Summer with our brand new collection.”

“The perfect look isn’t complete without you wearing it. 😏”

Example #2 Elegant

“Shop X Brand now and save on chic, elegant pieces to build your new fall wardrobe.”

“Electrify your wardrobe with the smart, stylish, and elegant line collections from X Brand.”

“Get the look of a luxe wardrobe without paying top dollar. X Brand’s clothes are stylish, elegant, and comfortable—perfect for the office or nights out.”

Example #3 Professional

“But it also sets them apart—because only professionals know that business casual doesn’t have to mean dull.”

“Only for business? What kind of business? X Brand's dress shirts are just as good in the office as they are on the golf course.”

“X Brand blurs the line between work and play with business clothing, shoes, and accessories for X-traordinary professionals.”

Niche Case Study

What Platforms are Best for Clothing Ads?

Like any other advertising crusade, knowing when and where to place your clothing advertisements is crucial to your overall success and ROI, so we’re going to go ahead and determine which platforms are best for your wardrobe additions. 👢

10-20 Age Range

In the 10-20 age range, you can get high results from TikTok advertising, Snapchat advertising, Facebook clothing ads, Instagram advertising and even advertising spots in places like Spotify and Youtube. 

20-40 Age Range

At this age range, you’re going to be better off advertising on Facebook and Instagram, as most of the audience on this platform is made up of mothers and fashion influencers.

45+ Age Range

So just like all of the above, this answer is going to depend on what exactly you're selling, but for the most part, you’re going to find your target audience on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. 

Clothing Advertisement Best Practices

If you’re going to pop off in the clothing advertisement world, it’s important to implement the industry best practices. And in order to make this as easy for you as possible, we’ve made you an exhaustive list. :) 

#1 Always Perform an Initial Brand Audit Before You Begin

This is important because it will allow you to align your goals and strategy with more of what your audience expects from you, as well as where your place is in the market and give you an opportunity to see exactly where your brand stands in relation to your competitors. 

#2 Find Out What People are Saying About You Online

And don’t just whine about it. Crunch the numbers, work the problems and deliver results. You can even answer complaints and praise in your fashion advertisements as winning opportunities to open the lines of communication between you and your audience. 

#3 Always, ALWAYS Add an Emotional Component to Your Messaging

You want your messaging to resonate with your audience, but more than that you want it to bring forth a powerful, emotional response. A response that will make your customers feel a magnetic pull towards your CTA. 

A couple of examples of this would be: 

  • How your product can make your customers lives easier
  • How your product is changing the world
  • How your product is helping others in need
  • How your product can make your customers lives more fulfilling

You’re advertising a clothing brand, so matching up with ANY of these examples is actually pretty damn simple. Take a look: 

  1. “Getting ready for work in the morning has never been easier: Ditch the iron for good and grab a pair of our wrinkle-free, stain-resistant, workplace women’s pants, only at X.”
  2. We’re innovating the way you purchase and care for your clothing. Who has time for the dry cleaners? We know you don’t.”
  3. “With every purchase, we’re giving back to children in need.”
  4. “Put on one of our premium suits and start turning heads. It’s magic!”

#4 High-quality Product Images Are the Key to Lasting Success

Nobody buys clothes without looking at them first. Give them an eye-full of what they’re missing and see them come running! 

Okay, but seriously. This is definitely one of the most overlooked practices. Skip the photo-shopping different colors over the 3-5 images you took one weekend at your friends house and step up your photography game. 

P.S we can definitely help with that. (We’ve got some serious experience!) Click the link below to learn more! ⬇

content deck Sociallyin 2021

#5 Consider Giving into the Video Vibes

I know, this isn’t a surprise at all. Video is taking the internet by storm, with the popularity of TikTok-like videos soaring higher every day. 

Take advantage of the edge and consider giving into the “video vibes”. We can guarantee that there is some incredible content waiting to be made with a clothing brand. 

#6 Put an Emphasis on Eye-Catching, Thumb-Stopping Clothing Ads

capture-attention (1)

You have a total of about 2.7 seconds to capture someone's attention while they're scrolling social media.

This means that you need to be constantly putting an emphasis on creating eye-catching, thumb-stopping advertisements if you want to make sales.

A quick rule of thumb: colors that pop, copy that commands the attention of your audience and content that your audience can resonate with are all great ways to catch the eye of your audience and make a sale.

New call-to-action

Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously we hope we’ve answered all of your questions, but if we didn’t, this section is for you. (And if we still totally fail to answer your questions, we’re at your disposal. Drop us a comment!)

Which type of advertising is most effective for clothing brands?

We’re in the social media industry for a reason. 🚀 We’re inclined to say, (because data is proving us right every single day) that social media paid advertising is BY FAR the most effective form of advertising.

What is the cheapest way of advertising retail clothes?

Unfortunately, there is no “cheap” way to advertise, especially when it comes to clothing advertisement. However, you can do

a simple “form” of advertising on Facebook and Instagram by “boosting” posts every now and then. I would say that’s the cheapest way to get a bit of an edge without going all in with the fashion advertisement process.

What words attract customers?

In our experience, the most effective way to attract customers with words in your clothing advertising efforts, is to embrace the use of emotional and power words. 

Power words command the reader's attention and emotional words are what you can use to get a response from your audience. Both are extremely good at attracting customers.

What are the top 5 promotional strategies?

There are five specific promotional strategies you can use to take your clothing brand up a notch. These include:

  • Social paid advertising
  • Personal selling
  • Sales promotion
  • Public relations
  • Direct marketing

Each of these strategies provide a different "solution" that when played in chorus can give your brand a hell of a jump on your competitors.

🚀 Ready to Launch Your Own Clothing Advertising Campaign? 🚀

We're here to help make it happen.

Our clothing advertising services consist of an in-house photography studio, innovative and creative copy writing, motion and still graphics, short and long-form video, social media advertisement strategy creation, weekly, monthly and quarterly advertising account analysis, and so much more!

Clothing advertising can feel overwhelming with so much competition, but we can help you drown out the noise and put your audiences focus where it belongs: on your products! ❤

Do you have more clothing advertisement questions or anything in the sphere of social paid advertising you need assistance with? We're always here to answer any questions or concerns. Drop them in the comments below and let's get in touch!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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