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Creativity Refueled and Refocused


Looking to refuel your metaphorical gas tank of creativity after this past weekend?

I have always noticed a shift in thinking after this point in the year that motivates me to recenter and refocus. Where do you go to find inspiration for what you do? I am always hunting for that piece of inspiration that makes me curl my hair, press some coffee and say, “hell yeah!”

I found this quote from my beloved Refinery 29:

"Finding your passion, or even trying to find inspiration, is a lot like dating. You don't go out and tell the first person you meet that they're the love of your life. You go out, you try something, you see if it works, and if it doesn't, you learn from it and move on. It's an ongoing process of putting yourself out there, trying something new, being uncomfortable, and doing that until you're happy with where you are.”

Its time take a step back and make sure that people are responding to what you are putting out in a positive way, because their enjoyment has its own value. When you look at your copy or your design, do you resonate with your community and understand how they are consuming the content you produce? Or are you creating media for the sake of creating media? 

So, how do content makers focus on cultivating the community that they have created? Time to rewrite, edit and revise during this get-your-ass-back-on-track-season.  I compiled a few different sources and thought exercises that lead me to appreciate reading, listening and learning.


Start with where you are:

What's your focus this week?

How do you want to spend today?

What are some good things that happened this week?

What podcast might make you feel a little better about your current situation?

Can you write down the last few times you remember having a unique thought?

What do you have to do for yourself personally?

Thought exercises:

 (These links may or not be at the top of my google search, but their proximity to the top of the page validated them)

10 Exercises to Fuel Creative Thinking from Fast Co. 

Exercise Archives from Creative Thinking

Writing 101: Train of Thought Exercise 

Reach out and let us know how you navigate this bonkers world and gain inspiration!

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