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Inbound Benefits For Higher Ed Institutions

higher_edInbound Marketing is a great tool for many industries, one of them being the Higher Education Industry.  It is an industry that (sometimes) involves a large age gap, and can often have problems with their target marketing.  This is where Inbound can work wonders; it allows the industry to reach out directly to the current or future students, where as many outbound tactics focus more on targeting the parents.

The following are 3 benefits for higher ed institutions by using inbound:

1. You're Able To Relate To Millennials. Being a Millennial myself, I LOVE reading things online.  I love connecting with my peers online, and I LOVE when I'm offered useful content via the internet.  It's fast, easy and accessible at any time of the day.  What a better way than for your higher education institution to reach it's audience, than creating online content such as blogs and offers (ebooks, brochures, infographics) to help your audience understand college life?

I know when I started my college search journey, I was completely lost.  All of the offerings were targeted to my parents, granted there were few offers here and there targeted to me, the student.  However, again, most everything was targeted to my parents.  But ultimately, it was I who was making one of the biggest decisions for my new journey, not my parents.

Like most millennials, I enjoy when someone is paying attention to my needs.  With inbound, you are able to write blogs, create quizzes and great offers for the prospective and current students.  You're able to give them something that they will find useful in their college search.  Higher education is probably one of the best industries to implement inbound throughout.  The kids are out there constantly googling information on institutions, when they discover that you have content created just for them, they will be ecstatic; not to mention organically drawn to your site!

2. You Can Be More "Natural" In Your Marketing. Rather than using statistical wording, and over the top content, you are able to be down-to-earth.  Your content can be raw, straight to the point, real! This will allow you to keep the audiences interest; it's almost like a breath of fresh air for your readers.  Everyone gets bored with reading typical college information, now it's time for a change.  Give them something they're looking for.  Explain the activities and organizations that are offered with your institution.  Offer testimonies of real students, who are active on campus and want others to see the joy in it as well.

By offering your readers something that meets their needs, they'll be intrigued - after all, not many institutions are up on this "inbound thing" yet.  Why not break the barrier and start giving the students what they want?!

3. You're ROI Will Increase.  This is a given.  When you're effectively using inbound to target prospective students, your ROI will increase.  This is a proven fact, you're giving them what they want prior to enrollment, thus showing you're sure to do that afterwards.  You will be able to build a relationship with the students, which is priceless for institutions.

From this, I hope, you are better understand how inbound marketing could work for your higher education marketing strategy.  Times are changing, and the young folks of today are centered solely around the internet and social interactions.  Why not meet their needs and give them content that will help them understand what college is about, and what your institution can do for them!

Now, let's get to work on your inbound marketing for higher education!  Also, be sure to check out Sociallyin's content, we have great things coming out! 

Inbound Marketing For Higher Education

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