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Saving The World One Buyer Persona At A Time

Have you ever wondered how you are able to see various ads on Google or Facebook, yet your friends don’t see them? That’s because you fell into the category of that particular brand’s buyer persona.BuyerPersona

For those of you that are familiar with buyer personas you already know the drill.  However, for those of you that are not, you might think that some Internet spy has saw what your interest are, and then flagged you.  Which, in some perspective is exactly what happens.

What most of you don’t realize though, is that Buyer Personas' could essential save the world.  They help companies understand their audience, and who they are and everything they like.  Therefore, in an essence, allow the world to know a little bit more about you. Although this sounds insane, and pretty creepy, it’s very helpful for all.  Because, chances are you work in an industry where it’s vital to know what your audience wants – we all do for the most part. 

So by creating Buyer Persona's, we are increasing our brands profitability, and helping the overall industry and commerce system. The following are 3 different ways that BP’s will help save the world, one attribute at a time.


  1. Understanding

As I stated in the heading, BP’s allow you to better understand you audience.  But it’s so much more than that.  They allow you to specifically pick out your audience and everything they enjoy. Once you’re able to understand what their interests are, you are able to essentially increase all aspects of your business.

  1. Targeting

Okay, so you understand them, that’s a solid factor at this point.  Now, it is time to really target them and determine why this is so vital.  By being able to specifically target an audience you are contributing to the overall business operation.  Therefore, you are saving the industry; which is one step closer to saving the world.

  1. Acting

Acting upon your BP’s is the largest step you can take. Actually, this is where they act upon you for the most part.  Which, in turn saves the world.  By understanding your buyer personas, targeting them, and then with action being taken by both ends you are creating a commerce system that benefits all parties. By one small step, you are creating jobs, opening doors and increasing revenue.

Now, it should be easy to understand the importance of buyer personas.  They’re not just some person you try to sell you merchandise and services to. They’re more than that; they’re essential to all business transactions.  Which overtime will help save the world by creating jobs, and increasing the commerce system. 

I hope you enjoyed Saving The World One Buyer Persona At A Time! Be sure to check out Sociallyin's other great blogs on everything you need to know about digital media, and marketing! Download Ebook: How To Create Buyer Personas

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