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Killer Sales Questions: White Papers


After exhaustive analysis, the killer salesman knows if he has a solution to his customer's problem. He has placed a value on his solution and knows how much money the solution will save the customer.

The killer salesman understands that a customer might ignore the facts, or will disengage from the decision-making process, resulting in a "no sale." It is key to keep the customer engaged and active in the conversation.

To get the customer to start reacting, the killer salesman asks a powerful question that taps into the customer's sense of free will.

Show the customer your white papers. The killer salesman asks the customer, "Based on an analysis, it looks like you can save $180,000 per year with the solution. Can I assume there are some things that have to happen before you are completely comfortable with this approach? OK, so before we get into this in depth, can I get your agreement on the analysis? Will you look at the data and decide for yourself if it makes sense?" 

This is a killer sales question? 

To say to the customer "will you decide for yourself?" is almost rhetorical because the answer is so obvious. The customer is certainly going to decide for herself. So she will answer positively, and will silently think, perhaps even say aloud, "Of course I will decide for myself"

If the facts bear out the killer salesperson's claim of saving $180,000, then for the customer to reject the solution, she must contradict her own answer and admit she is unable to decide for herself. This is an admission most customers will never make.

By choosing to decide for herself, the customer eliminates the option of not deciding. The customer is now engaged and can't ignore the facts. The customer will make a decision one way or another. If the solution benefits her -- and if you are talking to her, it better -- she will buy..

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Jonathan Reeves

I am an experienced nonprofit professional, skilled in Fundraising, Marketing, and Development. When it comes to advancing your organizations mission and outreach, I go the distance, using every networking tool available to reach the target demographic. When not working for a nonprofit or other business, I use my skills to advance historic and genealogical research for individuals, organizations, and anyone looking to know more about the past.

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