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Social Media Use for Manufacturing Companies


After reading "3 Inbound Marketing Myths Manufacturers Should Let Go," one should now be aware that social media is an essential component in the Buyer's Journey for all types of businesses, including manufacturing companies. The next step is to effectively implement social media use for customer acquisition and to convert visitors into leads. With these social media tips for optimizing your profiles and customizing your content, your manufacturing company can thrive in the digital world.

Need some inspiration? Check out these additional resources that will help you get the most from your efforts:


Optimize your profile

  • Customize images for header and background
  • Company bio
  • Verified profile
  • Link to main website

Customize content to each platform

  • Short and easy to retweet posts
  • Effectively use #hashtags
  • Content mix: visual, responses, and original
  • Post multiple times per day


Optimize your profile

  • Customize background image and logo
  • Tailor company description for Facebook- casual, fun

Customize content to each platform

  • Interactive, visual content, asks questions
  • Keep up with replies


Optimize your profile

  • Customize header and logo
  • Tailor bio and images for LinkedIn

Customize content to each platform

  • Post daily
  • Post content that links to relevant sites
  • Posts should be lengthier- take advantage of unlimited characters


Optimize your profile

  • Customize URL instead of a string of numbers
  • Include a header and logo
  • Link to other social networks
  • Engage with number people via circles

Customize content to each platform

  • Content mix: infographics, photos, videos, gifs, and illustrations
  • Provide a mix of general, fun, and promotional content

Tips to Remember:

  1. Social media can and should be used in all stages of the Buyer's Journey (awareness, consideration, and decision).
  2. Buyer Personas will help you serve people with the right content at the right time.
  3. Optimize your profiles and posts

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Olivia Chatham

At SociallyIn Olivia works with the social media department as a social media manager. She also creates various content such as blogs, eBooks, and infographics. Outside of SociallyIn, you can find her listening to music, online shopping, or watching cooking shows.

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