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If Social Media Platforms Were Ice Cream

Whether you're on social media as an individual, a personality, an organization, or a brand - you've surely got a preference for a platform. 

Twitter: Ice Cream Sundae

Just the right amount of shareable content squeezed between lengthy threads and witty snapbacks, Twitter offers a delicious treat (usually in the form of humor) just when you need it most. 🙃

During stressful elections, during the Summer Olympics, or even at your family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

twitter moonpie

Facebook: Pint of Neapolitan

Whether it’s Neapolitan or a classic Rocky Road, we’ve all got that trusty pint in the freezer. It’s easy to eat too much. It’s easy to tell yourself you need a scoop every night before bed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Facebook is that pint, providing: a little sweetness, sometimes a little stomach ache, and simultaneously the perfect platform for advertisers because they know you’ll be there.

Instagram: Raspberry Lemonade Popsicle

The trendiest of treats, Instagram is the perfect mix of sour and sweet. It is an ideal platform to show off new products, engage with followers through Stories, and develop a brand aesthetic. 🍋🍭

Beyond paid advertising, however, staying active on this platform is not always easy, especially because of the new algorithm. Brands must consistently create original, ingenious content to acquire and retain audience attention to stay relevant.

Linkedin: Coffee

Linkedin is the most mature of the social media platforms (but not the oldest. Linkedin was founded in 2002). 👔 

A network developed for professionals, Linkedin is the strong flavor of caffeination we crave every morning: coffee. Are we connected on Linkedin

Google+: Pistachio

You’ve seen Pistachio on every menu, but have you ever ordered it? Have you even tried it? Like Pistachio, Google+ is that interesting flavor you’ve heard of but aren’t really sure it’s gonna satisfy your sweet tooth. 🤔

However, it’s important to note that data shared on Google+ is immediately indexed by Google which can’t hurt for SEO, right? So even though using Google+ may seem obsolete, it’s probably best to stay on Google’s good side.

Pinterest: Rainbow Sherbet with Sprinkles

Designed for the fashionistas, the creatives, and the DIY warriors, Pinterest is the most colorful, content-rich platform out there. From recipes to home renovation hacks, users can find creative solutions to almost anything. 🌈

At the same time, brands can take advantage of the platform to show off their products to the people that would be interested in them the most: their target market down to the niche behavioral interest.

Social media = ICE CREAM-2

What's your favorite flavor?

Facebook. Pinterest. LinkedIn.

Which social space satisfies your sweet tooth?


Nisha Kashyap

A social media nerd with a passion for creating art out of the ordinary, eating ice cream, and dancing like no one (or everyone on Instagram) is watching.

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