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The Deal With Guest Blogging


The goal of guest blogging is to ultimately gain more traffic to your site. This is done by posting your company’s content on other sites to get exposure and backlinks to your site to gain a higher SEO ranking.  Some users may be skeptical of guest blogging because it is so overused and can be considered spammy in lots of respects, but that is not always the case when you approach guest blogging as a savvy marketer. One of the most important reasons you should guest blog are the inbound links you receive when posting your impeccable content on reputable sites. 


Inbound Links

It is important to not litter your content with unimportant links. When you embed a link in your post it should be relevant and helpful to the reader, and the website that allowed you to post on their site. The traffic you gain by increasing your search engine optimization is well worth the effort.

Here is a case study done by Bamidele Onibalusi in 2012:

Onibalusi wanted to see the results of sending in 31 guest blogs and viewing how the inbound links heightened the SEO on his site over 6 months. Out of 31 guest blogs, 28 were published. Over these six months, the traffic views to his site went from 35,312 to 94,465. This is an obvious increase of over 200% which should not be discounted.

Of course, there could be other factors involved in his newly acquired site traffic, but there is definitely a correlation between the guest blogging and site traffic. This makes a strong case for the importance of not only guest blogging for referral traffic, but for inbound links as well.


Why smaller agencies matter when acquiring inbound links.

All agencies are looking for content to make their quotas. Blogging is a big portion of generating traffic for all companies. When you offer to guest blog on a site it allows you to take some of the burdens off of another agency while gaining backlinks for your site. This can also be helpful because when you blog on a similar agency’s site that is already targeted to your market, you will be easier to find on the internet. When a customer is looking for a solution that you have covered through your blogging, because of the increase SEO ranking you have achieved this will lead these customers directly to your content.

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So that is the deal with guest blogging! The posts that are successful will generate powerful inbound links within them. An important thing to remember is to always create quality content that will not diminish the integrity of guest blogging as a whole. Treat this guest content as if it were being posted on your own blog! As always..

Good luck and happy marketing!

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