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5 Can't Miss Ways to Market A Music Festival


You're a musician, but more than that you love musicianship. So you and a few friends get together and start a festival so other musicians can show off their skill. It starts off as something small but after a few years, it's time to upgrade from backyard block party to a little something bigger. You just announced this year's dates and lineups, now, you just wait for the ticket orders to start pouring in, right? WRONG!

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Once your tickets hit the public, that's when the fun begins. It's time to put your head down and build as much noise about your festival as possible. Keep in mind these 5 can't miss ways to market a music festival:

1. Protect Your Rep

Your reputation is all you've got and you've got to do everything to protect it. Your brand is what primarily drives the social conversation leading up the event. With only 8% of positive posts specifically mentioning an artist or performance, it’s clear that the overall lineup and experience itself is what matters most to fans. What sets your festival apart? Take this unique selling point, use it to your advantage and have it front and center for all your marketing efforts. 

2. Put A Hashtag on it

And not just any hashtag, something so uniquely you that as soon as consumers hear it, you're top of mind. People will be talking about your event, this is how you get engaged  in the conversation. 

3. Live Streams

Everyone won't come to your festival. Rather it be they don't agree with the price point, they have prior obligations or maybe they just don't want to leave the house. Whatever that reason may be, you still want fans, both near and afar, to have the best experience possible. Partner up with a (or a few) digital platforms to stream your stages online. They'll appreciate you for it. 

4. Live in the Moment and Take Advantage of FOMO

Fear of missing out, or FoMO as it's becoming more commonly known, is what has most millennials with their heads buried into their phones 24/7. Use this to your advantage. Encourage people to post pictures, videos, snaps with your unique hashtag and show others what they could be doing. 

5. Get Involved in the Pre Event Chatter.

This might be the easiest, now it's time to talk and get people talking. But don't just go off flapping at the gums and reveal too much too soon; you still need a strategy. Doing things like: behind the scenes footage, streaming rehearsals and special artist features can really create some buzz. Don't forget to get the acts involved and encourage them to promote on social media, during interviews and events, etc.

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