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Instagram Adds Poll Feature to Stories

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Friday, and this week's edition of This Week in Social Media!

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Adding new way users and brands can engage with their fans.. Instagram has added a poll feature to stories.  Set up a poll by using the sticker option.  When you start a poll you can see exactly which followers have voted and what they voted for to help make your decision.


The correct answer is yes.  You should always eat the pizza for dinner.  


Another fun feature Instagram rolled out for stories is the color picker and alignment tool for text and stickers.  Color pickers allows you to choose any color in your photo to use in the text.  This is very beneficial for brands who want to keep color consistency in all posts.  Instagram also added an alignment tool for story perfection.


Instagram has also updated the rules of regramming content. If you regram someone’s content you should have permission and give credit where credit is due.



Twitter rolled out a new feature for sports fans.  Now all of the sports will be at the top of your timeline to scroll through and never miss a game.  Keep up with what’s happening at all times!

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On the downside, influencers are using Snapchat 33% less according to a study by MediaKix. It seems as if Instagram is really controlling the story game these days.

A big helpful plus for Snapchat is the Context Card update it just added.  This will make Snapchat a powerful tool of information. Now if you’re more interested in the restaurant you’re seeing in a snapchat video instead of just the video you can! Snapchat will show you hours, ratings, and other information that it thinks you are most interested in.

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It appears that Facebook is testing an image searching feature in Marketplace.  Facebook has been using facial recognition and this seems like a way to up their game.

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Tweet of the Week

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That’s all I’ve got for this week.  Did you see something I missed?

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