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Hi there!

We are ending a great week with some social media news!

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ICYMI, Instagram hit 2 million advertisers! This is a big jump from the 1 million it had just back in March! Instagram is the perfect platform for businesses to connect via video, pictures, and live! What’s that mean for you? Keep it creative so your followers will continue to ‘like’ and engage with your content!

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Maybe some of the biggest news is that Twitter is testing out a 280 character limit!

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It seems like a pretty cool feature so you don’t have to go back through your tweet and take out spaces and spell words incorrectly. Double the words. Double the fun.

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Rumor has it that Snapchat is slowly rolling out cool sky filters which have the ability to make any basic picture look fantastic.  I’ll just keep hanging out until I get to try that one out for myself.

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image: Snapchat


If you’ve ever wanted to retrace your Facebook steps, now is the time.  You can now click “Recent Ad Activity” in the explore section on the left hand side of your Facebook feed to go back through what you have clicked, liked, commented on, or shared!

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Tweet of the week!

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What was your favorite tweet this week? Share it with me! @lizziegrace16


RIP Hugh Hefner, thanks for the mammaries.

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