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Tuesday Twitter Tip: Posting on Twitter vs Posting on Facebook



One of the key essentials to being a social media boss is having digital bilinguality, which basically means knowing the correct way to post and interact on various social channels. Twitter posts shouldn’t look like Facebook posts shouldn’t look like Linkedin posts. In this third installment of Tuesday Twitter Tips, we’ll discuss a few of the key posting patterns you should be aware of when joining the Twittersphere.

Post Length

One of the first things you’ll notice is that tweets are restricted to 140 characters while Facebook allows you to make posts as long as you’d like. Because of this much smaller character restriction, tweets should be short and concise ranging between 105-120 characters.



This is how you join the conversation. But don’t go overboard. Keep the use of relevant hashtags to a minimum. Two (max) is usually enough to get the point across and get you involved in the conversational topic at hand.




With the right relevant hashtag (and content of course), you can position yourself perfectly into the conversation and be seen by all those in the discussion.






Never start a tweet with @, it won’t be viewable by your followers unless they follow the person you’re @ing as well. Be sure to place a . before the @ to maintain exposure. (.@)

You want to keep interactions short. Don’t hold full conversations on your timeline, that’s what Direct Messages are for.


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