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Why Buyer Personas Can Make or Break Your Business

Why buyers personas can make or break your business

For anyone that wants to boost revenue through internet sales, driving relevant traffic to your website is key. A common misconception is that all traffic is good traffic. Let me guess who told you that, probably someone who wanted to sell ads on your site right? Well this couldn’t be more wrong. Getting 20 thousand hits a month means absolutely nothing if it isn’t translating into dollars for your business.

What Are Buyer Personas Exactly?

Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers. They include demographic, personal, and behavioral traits that are based on market research, survey data, customer interviews, and other data points you have collected on your website visitors. It is important to note that one size does not fit all when it comes to buyer personas; you need multiple personas representing different segments of your target audience.

Why is a Buyer Persona Important?

Creating these buyer personas can help you better understand the needs, wants and challenges of each segment and craft hyper-targeted messaging to drive more conversion from your ideal customers. Your marketing efforts should be designed around the goals, interests, and pain points of each persona.

Are Buyer Peronas Necessary? 

Knowing who your target audience is, is the most important prerequisite to creating content to drive relevant traffic which in turn will create relevant leads. Creating buyer personas for your business will give you an idea for who your target audience is.


How to Create Buyer Persona CTA

Creating content without buyer personas is like sending your team on the field without a quarterback. That’s not how you become number 1. When you have a content plan  tailored to your buyer personas you can strategically attack the market like Peyton Manning to an opposing defense. You’ll have various options for distribution within each persona that’ll allow you to make an impact on many different levels. And by being heavily knowledgeable of each persona you can adapt and optimize your strategy to be even more successful.

How to Create Your Own Buyers Persona.

The first thing you need to do is identify your target audience. Who are the people that might be interested in what you’re offering? Once you have this figured out you can begin creating a buyer persona for each segment of your target market. You want to create detailed personas which include demographic information, buying preferences, and even psychographics (the way they think).

Once your Personas are created, it is important to develop content tailored towards them that speaks directly to their problem or need. Make sure that the content provides value so it resonates with them and encourages them to take action.

Pre-Qualifying Leads With Your Buyers Persona

Once you have developed content tailored to your buyer personas, it’s time to start pre-qualifying leads by assigning them each a persona. You want to make sure that the leads you attract are highly targeted and qualified. This is where leveraging your buyer persona comes into play – by focusing sales efforts on the prospects that are most likely to convert, you can drastically improve the ROI of your campaigns.

My Concluding Thoughts on Meeting Business Goals

Creating buyer personas is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. By taking the time to build detailed profiles for each segment of your target market, you can create content that speaks directly to their needs and wants. This will help drive more relevant traffic to your website, resulting in better conversion rates and increased revenue.

When it comes down to it, understanding who your audience is should always be priority number one when crafting a successful online business plan. With these tips in mind, we hope you now have the tools needed to start creating effective social media buyer personas today!

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