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5 Ways to Grow Your Personal Brand with Inbound Marketing

With Inbound Marketing, your personal brand is something that is of much importance. By establishing a well thought out personal brand, you are allowing yourself to be known in the industry, and in some cases become a well-known thought leader. The following points are ways that you can establish your own unique personal brand while using Inbound Marketing.



1. Blogging

While using Inbound, blogging is an important factor. It allows you to establish your own thoughts and express yourself in ways that are unique to you. Blogging is a cost-effective way to reach your audience, also, it is an extremely convenient way.

2. Social Media

To grow your personal brand, it is important to promote yourself and your company. By taking time to schedule your social media post, you are taking effort in reaching your target audience. It is always important to stay connected to your audience. With social media, it allows you to keep up relationships and also establish new ones. It is important to engage with your audience, and this can be done by sharing and posting on social media.

3. Guest Blog

It is important to reach a variety of audiences. By implementing guest blogging into your Inbound plan, you are expanding your personal brand and also your company's content. Guest blogging is beneficial to all parties that participate, allowing each company and author to gain more exposure.

4. Keep Up With Trends

With marketing, trends are forever changing. Nothing is stagnant in the marketing world, which is why is it so important to keep up with everything going on. Schedule time to dive into trends that are happening, and implement yourself into the conversation. This will benefit the growth of your personal brand by displaying that you are able to stay at the top of your game, and allows you to become more knowledgeable about the industry.

5. Take Advantage of Opportunities

You never want to say no to any opportunity that allows you to become better known. Your personal brand relies on how you work with others and how you present yourself involving topics. It is always beneficial to start small and work your way up. Stay in conversations, and always take the opportunity to network with others. You never know when you could be asked to participate in webinars, or debates, which will signal growth of your personal brand.

It is also important to note that, by using Inbound you are growing your company brand. The following is the Inbound Methodology that is used heavily throughout Inbound. It consists of all of the above aspects, and also helps demonstrate the flow of how Inbound should be carried out.methodology_-_no_header

Overall, it is clear that by using 5 forms of Inbound Marketing, you are able to grow your personal brand. You need to establish your personal thoughts, promote them, polish yourself on trends and never say no. These ways will help you establish and grow your own brand. Be sure to check out our Inbound 101 blog to learn more about a brand growing with Inbound.




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