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Content Marketing the Right Way: Inbound Marketing Process Rubric

Just like anything in the world that you want to be great at, you have to have a process to follow, you have to practice and you have to execute. If you want to be a great quarterback and you don't read the defense, you don't take your correct dropback steps, you'll find yourself ignored and sitting on the bench. Poor execution is never rewarded.

Content marketing within Inbound Marketing is the same way. You could have the best content offer ever created, but if your distribution stinks, your exposure will reflect just that.



You've learned how to create your buyer persona.
You've learned how about the overall inbound methodology:
Attract, Convert, Close, Delight.
Here, I've attached an infographic example of how to use content you've created to take a customer through the entire funnel; everything you should be doing.




Thinking about switching your marketing strategy to inbound marketing?

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Adrian Marcus

I am the Creative Director and I'm fortunate to work on the fun side of the business. Photography, design, social media, tag lines and all, allowing me to play with all sorts of exciting projects, everything a kid could ask for.

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