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5 Snapchat Metrics to Analyze Results | Brand Engaging and Growing


Is your business unsure of how well they are utilizing Snapchat?

Wondering how you can analyze your results? 

It is vital for your company to know what numbers to look for in order to analyze the performance metrics and use that data to improve your snapchat marketing campaign efforts.

In this article, you will discover 5 snapchat metrics to focus on to improve your overall performance/reach on Snapchat.

logo-2 How Can You Improve Snapchat Content?

By measuring your open rate, screenshot rate, and your growth rate, you can figure out what content is performing the best and use that knowledge to your advantage when you’re creating a new content schedule. Getting notifications about your followers screenshotting a story or update is especially helpful because it means they found your content valuable!


Snapchat Metrics #1:  Gauge your total Opens

Total opens refer to the total number—or aggregate—of unique views across all your Snapchat stories.  This number can help measure content and growth. If the numbers aren’t quite where you want them to be, it may be time to refer back to these two areas of focus.

*Tip: There are tools that your company can use to help track your open and views.  The one we prefer is

Content is another area that is vital to the success of your Snapchats.  If your viewers don’t find your snaps entertaining, or, find any value in your story, they most likely aren’t going to open it.  To appeal to your consumers your snaps must be engaging, funny, and/or useful.

Your audience needs to find reason in viewing your snap stories.  Think of your snap story as a literal “story.”  Follow the basic pillars from beginning to end.  You want to keep your viewers wondering “what’s next.”  Only snap around the office if something particularly fun is happening.  Daily life can become repetitive, and in return, cause viewers to lose interest in your story.  Keeping your story brief is also important.  Today, people’s attention spans are very short; to adjust for that, businesses have found success by keeping their stories around one-to-two minutes.

Growth is vital in the success of your snap stories.  Your company could create witty and engaging content, but if it has no audience to reach, it is as if it was never created.  In order to achieve fluidity and cohesion throughout all of your content, a good idea is to dedicate a specific employee to spend time nurturing and growing your target audience(s).

Snapchat Metrics #2:  What Is Your Average Open Rate?

The term “open rate” refers to the average number of times your followers have engaged in your story.  If you’re attempting to compare this to other social channels, it can easily be associated with Facebook and YouTube engagements.

Engagement can be directly associated with the number of opens you receive.  The numbers you receive here will be a direct reflection of the growth strategy your team implements.  There are a few key ways to build your following:

Sharing is the easiest way to get your name out there.  Post your snap code on all your collateral, social networks, and at events.

Create teasers.  Build short videos and share them among your other social networks as a teaser for your snapchat.   This will help draw your followers from other platforms directly to your snapchat.  This can also help attract potential customers to your events.

boost company growth with social media

Snapchat Metrics #3:  Are You Receiving Screenshots?

Screenshots specifies the number of times your followers save your snap story. When a viewer takes a screenshot, it means they find value behind the content you are producing.  The more time you take to plan each post—the more it will transfer into better content, and in turn earn you more screenshots per post.

This content can range from anything like checklists, audience spotlights, or discount coupons.  For instance, if you follow any celebrities, you may have noticed—they perform some of these strategies.   

Overall, each screenshot you receive proves that you are putting out useful content that your followers find engaging and helpful.

Snapchat Metrics #4:  Completion Rate

Completion Rate indicates the number of followers that view your snap story in its entirety.  This number can be compared to retention rate on other social networks; and can also help you determine how loyal your viewers are. The best way to ensure your viewers watch the content you put out all-the-way through is by creating brief series-driven content. Ultimately, this will help keep your viewer interested.

Are you optimizing actionable copy in all your snaps? This vital feature helps keep your viewers engaged in each snap of your story. Each snap can have a call-to-action or, give your viewers a direction to go after your story is over. This can assist in increasing the number of screenshots you receive as well.

An easy way to draw your audience to your story is by pinging your viewers when you post a story.  Most Snapchat users have their story notifications turned off; however, if you snap them directly it will entice them to open Snapchat and—hopefully view stories.

Snapchat Metrics #5:  Are You Growing?

Follower Growth helps determine where your Snapchat followers are coming from. This can help you know where to adjust and improve your strategy.

You must determine the method by which most of your followers are finding you.  In most cases, followers add users through usernames.  If you find that your followers are adding you through your Snapcode, focus on promoting that code.

Do you have a good follower ratio? This means, of your followers; how many are following you back?  A good way to check this is through your follower’s snap scores; you can open this by clicking their snapchat username. Numbers should appear below their username which indicates how many snaps they have sent.  If you cannot see this number then this user is not following you back.


Snapchat is a great tool and platform in which to disseminate your content in a creative way. By implementing these Snapchat metrics, you can determine if your Snapchat follower base is growing and engaging in your Snapchat stories.

Good luck and happy Snapping!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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