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Snapchat Revamps Context Cards and Facebook Cancels Messenger Day

Happy Friday Social Media fans! This week I have news about Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat for you! Giving you all this information in one quick little blog makes your life just a little bit easier, doesn’t it?


Cheers to that!



Ever want to follow a specific hashtag. Well you may be #blessed soon. Instagram is testing a way to follow a hashtag to see top posts and recent stories.  With this possible feature you can stay up to date with topics that matter to you or breaking news — Kinda like Twitter has it set up currently.  I’m into it but still waiting on more information to roll out. 

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Facebook is revamping the Facebook Stories, removing ‘Messenger Day’ and adding cross-pointing Facebook Stories. This was just a little too much confusion for people.  In hopes that this will clear the air you will now be able to see any story you post on Facebook or Messenger on both apps.


Earlier this year Facebook rolled our cover videos for Pages. Now they are rolling out cover slideshows!  This feature could be fun to get a little creative with.




Snapchat has opened up its brand friendly format to advertisers! Brands that buy Sponsored Lens and Sponsored Geofilter campaigns can attach the context cards that Snapchat has and link to their website. Advertisers will receive stats on how their Context Cards are being used.



Tweet of the Week

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That’s all I have for this week in social media! Stay up to date and I'll see ya next Friday for another big week in social media. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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Lizzie Williamson

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