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Social Media Improvement: Social Media Tactics

When operating on social media networks, it’s extremely important to know tactics for each individual site. There are millions of strategies out there for all of the social media platforms.  However, it’s vital for your brand that you discover your own methods.  In the focus of the following networks, it’s important to understand how each of them work, and the social media tactics within them. 




When conducting social media affairs on Twitter, it is essential for you to be focused on the conversations at hand. Twitter is so fast paced, sometimes it can be overwhelming, and eventually, can spin out of control. In today’s time, it’s extremely important for to stay in the conversation and allow your followers to know what is going on in your area of expertise. 


Facebook is a little bit (a lot) different than Twitter.  With Facebook, it’s vital to know the correct time to post when people are going to be digging for information more, and what they’re looking for.  Facebook is going to be somewhere they go to for important information from a trusted brand, and/or to look for a customer review/blog post. It is important to appeal to your audience base and know your buyer personas when conducting information on Facebook.


Instagram is a whole different ballpark! With this platform, you can express your creativity on so many levels. It’s important to be true to yourself, and not stray away from your brand.  It’s easy to gain social media fame through Instagram; everyone loves seeing a snapshot into your life and how you live.  Soon to follow in Instagram’s footsteps on a more intimate level is Snapchat, however for the present time, it’s important to gain a following on Instagram first. 

Overall, it is important to understand the in’s and out’s of each network and how they can be used.  With Twitter, you need to focus on being a “real” person and staying in conversation with your followers.  Facebook is a great tool to reach your following with content and offers when directly trying to reach them.  Lastly, with Instagram it is important to show your personality, and be creative with your post; allowing your followers to see your true brand.

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