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15 Facebook Retargeting Ads Examples to Make More Money

Facebook ad retargeting is an incredible tool in a marketing professionals arsenal. By utilizing Facebook ad retargeting, you’ll be able to close more deals by utilizing potential customers who are already familiar with your product and remind them of what they’re missing out on.



logo-2 What Are Facebook Retargeting Ads?

In short, Facebook Retargeting Ads are an effective way to get first-time site visitors to convert after clicking away from your online store or website. Facebook is the perfect place to retarget your customers because 1) it's very likely that out of more than 2 billion users, those site visitors are among the individuals seeing your Facebook retargeting ads in their feed, and 2) because it's very easy to create and manage.


Why Should You Utilize Facebook Retargeting Ads?

Home to more than 3 BILLION daily active users, Facebook is an incredible platform for utilizing existing customers and pulling your leads already IN the funnel further down the buyer's journey.

Not to mention that Facebook has excellent re-targeting options that allow you to capture your audience’s attention using interests, age, location and more.

While attracting cold leads is an essential element of any marketing strategy, being able to utilize your existing customers, leads and prospects is a much more cost-effective and reliable method of marketing.

In fact, it’s actually EASIER to maintain relationships with your current customers, so taking advantage of the opportunity that Facebook re-targeting ads can give you is an important first step to Facebook marketing success.

The size of your business is irrelevant in terms of Facebook retargeting ads because no matter how small or how large your business may be, you can always adjust your Facebook retargeting ads budget.

Are you ready to learn how to build deeper relationships with your customers and get conversions quickly? Let’s get started.

Facebook Retargeting Ads: The Strategy

the strategy

Before we can really dive into our favorite 15 Facebook Retargeting Ads examples, we want to make sure you have a good grasp on a Facebook retargeting ads strategy that will bring results.

Yes, the copy and images will make or break your campaign, but without a strategy, we won’t have direction. And without direction, we won’t be able to measure results, make improvements or have confidence in our marketing approach as a brand.

If there’s anything you want to avoid in terms of Facebook retargeting ads, it’s trying to quickly to “rush” into a relationship with your potential customers or appear to force your products or services on them.

Instead, we want to take an approach that will give your potential customers a comfortable feeling. One that makes them feel important, cared for and supported. After all, we’re here to solve their problems, right?

Your initial ads will play a big role in the next step of your Facebook retargeting ads strategy. If you don’t warm your leads, you will have a more difficult time landing a sale during re-targeting, so aim to:

  1. Introduce your business;
  2. Show your audience how you can solve their problem;
  3. Show them why solving their problem can make their life easier.

By using this approach in your initial ads, you’ll be able to further drive home each point in your retargeting ads using a few, (or all) of the examples we’ll be outlining below.

Learn more about advertising on social media HERE.

15 Creative Facebook Retargeting Ad Examples to Make More Money

So, with a strategy out of the way, let’s start digging into the real fun: creative Facebook retargeting ad examples you can use NOW for more money!

#1: Speak Directly to Your Audience

Just like I’m doing here, speaking directly to your audience when it comes to social paid advertising is incredibly important in terms of getting results from your Facebook retargeting ads.

Rather than talking to “them” be pointed. Use words like “You” when referring to your target audience. It will feel more personal, warm and friendly than if you’re just speaking out to anyone in particular.

"We saw this and thought of you.💖"

New call-to-action

#2: Customer Reviews and Testimonials

By far one of the most effective forms of Facebook retargeting ads, reviews and testimonials are a great way to give your potential customers a glance at what they can expect when it comes to your products, services and business.

Why are testimonials and reviews so important and successful? With more than 85% of customers performing some kind of online research prior to making a purchase, (we call this looking for social proof) it’s important to showcase your companies best qualities with REAL reviews from REAL people.

You can make your Facebook retargeting ads THAT much better by testing out different audiences, corresponding images, video and ad copy to find out what works best.

For instance: you could run a review with a discount, or one review with a short form video.

You can try alternative ad headlines, different quotes, tagging a “press” publication for a spotlight and even changing up the length of your ad.

A quick example of a very well put together customer testimonial made into a Facebook retargeting ad is the regular customer testimonial videos done by Dollar Shave Club.

Their ads always involve a customer testimonial done into a video with compelling copy that catches their audiences attention immediately. Something that your best friend might film in order to show you how awesome their latest purchase was.

#3: Offer Discounts

Everyone loves a great discount. Especially when it comes to discounts for brands they already know about and have previously done a little research on.

Do your customers a huge favor and offer them a discount while you pull them ever closer into your funnel and down through the buyers journey.

The goal is to keep it short and simple, offering large discounts to broad audiences in the name of spreading the great news. Think “Place within the next 7 hours and claim 10% OFF!”

But why does this tactic work?

When it comes to Facebook retargeting ads, you have to work to surprise people in a “vulnerable” state. If they’ve already researched the product, have a pretty good idea of whether they’ll purchase or not and see that awesome discount code- perhaps paired with a customer testimonial or review-

Chances are, you’ve got this purchase in the bag. 🥳

However, getting your customers to make the purchase can also rest pretty heavily on what your ad creative looks like.

Oftentimes, if you can shoot to be creative AND entertaining while making your content relatable, your results will be through the roof.

The most effective Facebook retargeting ad creatives are both authentic and organic. (And this is why customer reviews/testimonials done via video work so well.)

Things to consider:

  1. Test different discounts with your warm and hot audiences to find out what works the best for the products you want to sell.
  2. Make your ad creative, authentic, original and entertaining.
  3. Create content around specific products that your audience has viewed or done research on for bigger and better results.

New call-to-action

#4: Showcase New Product Alerts

Those epic “new product alert” ads in your News Feed that always seem to *know* what you’re looking for exactly when you need it.

Product alerts is a unique retargeting ad in that you’re pointing a brand new product at your warm audience and basically prompting them to come check it out.

An effective copy for this would be something that speaks directly to the audience, pulling them in, showing them you haven’t forgotten them and you think they’ll be interested in this particular new product or service.

A few Facebook retargeting ad examples for this concept might include:

“Hey you. ☺ Have you seen our brand new X? We know you’ll absolutely love it. Click down below and check it out.”


“Hi, again. Guess what?? We’ve just released a brand new collection and we want you to be the first to come check it out. Click the link down below for details!”

These examples work because 1) You’re telling your customers that YOU remember them. You’re speaking in a way that makes you feel like an old friend who found something fun and wants to share.

This tactic works best for warm and hot leads because if you’re too familiar in the beginning with a cold lead, you won’t get very far. Especially because Facebook re-targeting ads can sometimes feel invasive.

You’ll want to keep this in mind as you work to create more and more content that speaks directly to your audience without going too far.

Things to Consider:

  1. Re-target your social engagers and website visitors. The people who are already familiar with you. This allows you to restart the conversation and bring their attention to new products without being spammy.
  2. Consider re-targeting your email list.
  3. Open your Facebook re-targeting windows as far as you can for maximum reach.

#5: Inspire Action Steps: Utilize Delivery Dates

One of the oldest but most under-utilized tricks EVER when it comes to Facebook re-targeting ads.

By providing your potential customers with shipping dates and delivery dates, you’re cutting out the prospecting time in the cycle and basically making them feel almost as if they’re ALREADY made the purchase.

They start thinking about how awesome it would be for your products to show up in their mail three days later and before you know it, they’ve made the purchase.

This ad example works most frequently both with last-minute gift purchasers and impulse buyers. Using this ad around, say, Christmas can be a powerful way to get more purchases from the potential buyers who haven’t yet made a purchase and now know their product will come in in time to give as a gift.

A few effective Facebook retargeting ad copy examples that utilize this trick:

“The perfect present you’ve been waiting for, from you to you. Purchase now and get your order by 12/20”


“Your premium spa kit ships free. 😉 Order now for delivery before the weekend and pamper yourself. You deserve it.✨”

Things to Consider

  1. Give shipping estimates in your Facebook re-targeting ad copy
  2. Utilize dynamic product ads, targeting to website visitors and using products they’ve already viewed.
  3. Personalize copy for each product for maximum effectiveness.

#6: The “Are You Still interested?” Approach.

One of my personal favorites, sometimes just “asking” your customers if they’re still considering that item they were viewing is an extremely effective method of Facebook ads retargeting.

This is especially the case for products left in the cart.

Copy examples of this tactic would go something like this:

“Still interested in adding this X to your collection? Your next big conversation piece is waiting for you.”

“Still have X on your mind? It’s the perfect time to make it a part of your daily routine.😏”

Things to Consider:

  1. Ask about whether customers are still considering a particular purchase.
  2. Pair items left in the cart with other items.
  3. As a good mixer strategy, this Facebook ad re-targeting example is best paired with one of the others. Think: customer reviews, estimated shipping dates and discounts.
  4. Use with distinct CTAs. It’s either lead generation or purchases. Choose one.

#7: Call Out the Flaky Buying Behavior

Got some flaky customers who aren’t going all the way through with their plans to purchase? There’s a brilliant way to flip this around and call them out.

First, you’ll need copy. Be direct, but be sure you’re speaking directly to the customer on this one, (remember point One).

“Your cart is missing you.💖” - Showcase the product they left in their cart.

“If you’re ready to add this X to your collection, we are.👊”

“Did you forget something? Take another look. 😍”

Test copy. Create multiple versions and find out what works best for YOUR audience.

Things to Consider:

  1. When in doubt, use puns. And emojis.
  2. Target your potential audience with language that speaks directly to them. Think: HEY YOU, DON’T FORGET ME!
  3. Go stop and utilize this RIGHT NOW for your cart abandoners. You won’t be disappointed.

#8: Engage With the Digital Experience

Customers, (including you) might not even have noticed ads that use this strategy in the past because it’s so…covertly perfect.

But the thing is that this tactic is wildly effective once you understand how to works.

Basically, the goal is to call out the customer and “join them” in their own digital experience.

For instance:

“An ad today, a new sweater in your closet this weekend.👚Order now.🛍”


“Who needs an algorithm? We don’t need one to know that you and this premium sweater deserve each other. Order now.”

This tactic is effective because you’re reminding customers where they are, as well as showing them where they could be. Like. On vacation. “You know and we know you deserve this.”

Things to Consider:

  1. Bring attention to the digital experience.
  2. Best pairing: dynamic product ads!

#9: Call Attention to the Ease of Checkout

One of the easiest ways to get sales is to establish a Facebook re-targeting campaign centered around the ease of checkout.

If you can offer things like free shipping, this is the time to pull that out of your hat and show it off.

Some good examples of this Facebook ad campaign would be:

“Just a few more clicks: and then it’s yours!”


“Almost there! Checkout and claim free shipping on your order NOW!”

This kind of call to action targets people who might have forgotten an item and now don’t want to go through the trouble of checking out. It’s a re-targeting strategy that specifically targets people who visit your website looking for something specific and then just…leave.

It’s similar to several other custom audience campaigns that utilize landing pages, however, it’s different in a sense that it’s calling attention to just how easy it would be to finally get that item you were looking at.

Things to Consider:

  1. Keep your copy fun and to the point.
  2. Use coupons or discounts in conjunction with this ad strategy to get even more and better results.

#10: Capturing The Emotional Side of Your Audience

If you can manage to strike an emotional chord, you’re in luck.

Sometimes, all you need to do is draw attention to the things you’re doing to improve the environment, or how you give back to the community through your efforts. This type of thing can be WILDLY effective for capturing both cold and warm leads.

A few examples of this Facebook re-targeting advertising strategy:

“Give back with every order.💕 Now through September: we’re giving 10% of every order to X organization for X.”


“Community matters. And that’s why all of our products are made with 100% local ingredients created by people like you. Order now!”

#11: Always Evergreen Offers

If you don’t advertise at least one evergreen offer, (like free shipping on your first order, or a premium BOGO on your first order) you need to jump into this ads strategy ASAP.

This blueprint can actually be utilized for both prospecting AND retargeting, as it fits both criteria.

Also, just because coupons and discounts tend to work the best doesn’t mean you have to do this as the only way to use this strategy. Nope! In fact, it’s nearly as effective to use some sort of “offer” (like three day shipping) that you ALREADY offer your customers without thinking about that you could utilize in your ad copy to pull your customers just a little closer.

#12: Leaving the Shelves

Nothing makes customers run faster to make a purchase than realizing their favorite product is flying off the shelves and won’t be around much longer.

Encourage your customers to make a purchase by letting them know their faves won’t be here much longer and we can guarantee you won’t have any issues making bank on it.

A couple of examples:

“Your favorite (product name) is ALMOST GONE! Hurry now before it’s too late and claim 10% off your order if you order in the next ten minutes!”


“We’re saying goodbye to X collection. Claim yours before they’re gone forever.”

What Can We Learn From These Facebook Retargeting Ads Examples?

facebook example ads post

Sometimes the only thing keeping you from being successful in the social media space is seeing a few examples of your potential ads in action and utilizing every tool that the Facebook Ad Manager allows. Hopefully, these Facebook retargeting ads will be useful on your journey to making more sales and INCREASING YOUR REVENUE!

Just remember that your social media content creation also has a significant impact on the outcome of your ads, so don't neglect one half of the equation for the sake of the other half!✨

Are you looking for social media expertise to help you dominate the competition?

Our team is fully-equipped and prepared to run a content and competitor analysis on your social media efforts and find out how to take your social media presence to the next level.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get in touch TODAY!

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