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How to Promote Your eBook With Social Media

Having eBooks are great for your business. They give you credibility  as well as generate leads. It takes valuable information that your audience is searching for and draws them to your business to hopefully convert them into customers. You exchange the eBook for contact information and both parties win. Once you have some great content to offer, you need to attract the masses and make that eBook earn back its investment. Lets take a look at some best practices for gaining downloads for you eBook with Social Media.


Add Some Mystery

Create teasers for your eBook before it is ready for release. This strategy will do two things that improve your download rate. The first is that there is more promotion for the offer so it is more likely that an individual will see it and want to download it. The second is that it will build anticipation among your audience for the release. This will make the offer seem more tantalizing and they will be looking forward to downloading the eBook.


Pin Your Tweet

Twitter offers a feature that allows you to keep a tweet at the top of your feed when visitors look at your profile. This is a great feature for when you have an awesome offer but don’t want it to get lost in your news feed. You don’t have to put your social media presence on hold when you push your new eBook, rather you can continue posting at your normal rate while keeping your offer in prime real estate.

Create a Social Banner

These are the cover photos for your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Creating a visually striking graphic advertising your eBook is a great way to promote as well as add perceived importance to the offer. Cover photos always grab audience attention and are sure to make your eBook can’t miss when people are visiting your social profiles.


Get Some Help

Having an individual who carries a strong social media presence and is an influencer in your industry post about your eBook is huge. People are following this person because they trust their opinion about the subject matter they speak on. You are also tapping into a wider audience than just your own while still targeting the right type of consumer. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them directly asking for help promoting your offer. They achieved the position they are in by networking and are likely looking to make connections just like you.


Boost Your Posts

So this one isn’t free, but it is certainly effective. Facebook allows you to target an audience and your post will appear in front of people that you normally don’t have access to. This strategy is actually surprisingly cheap and is guaranteed to broaden the scope of people seeing your offer. Just like any other post, it should be visually appealing and invite the audience to click on the offer.


Now Get Started!

Promote your eBook with these strategies and you’ll be converting customers in no time.


Gary Thompson

Atlanta native and director of brand strategy at SociallyIn. Check out some of my work at

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