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What's New? Group stories!


Let's keep it short, sweet, and to the point this week! What's new in social media? Read on to find out! 


new in social media  


Can you keep up with Facebook? Group stories have rolled out globally! Facebook said, 

"Earlier this year, we introduced group stories as a way to help admins and members engage more with their communities. Now, we're excited to announce that we've rolled out group stories globally with lightweight reactions. Group members can now respond to each other's stories quickly and directly with emojis that show a range of universal human emotions. Group stories are a casual and easy way to share fun, fast, fleeting moments with specific groups of people. With group stories on Facebook, you can see, feel and experience different points of view and connect more personally with other members in your group."

It's so fun! If a group you are part of hosts an event, you can put all stories of the event there, and everyone in the group can see it! You can learn more about Group Stories here

Y'all remember Messenger Lite? Facebook has added animated gifs! You can also share files, pictures, video, and audio files with your friends and family through Messenger Lite! It's just another way to stay connected with those you care about the most. 

Facebook animated gifs

Facebook cares about the quality of journalism. They announced several updates on the subscription tools and added 28 publishers to the test! Facebook said, 

"To make our subscriptions tools more accessible to a wide range of publishers, we redesigned the implementation approach to cut the development time by 75%, from 4-8 weeks to 1-2 weeks. We are also integrating the Instant Articles paywall with third party paywall providers to make it easier for publishers to implement a paywall with Instant Articles on Facebook."



You like stories. Would you like if that's how you looked at your feed too? Rumor has it that Instagram is testing a NEW, side scrolling format. 

Instagram Side Scrolling Format



Have you noticed the new caption styles on Snapchat?! If you haven't, you're seriously missing out. This update, while so small, is the perfect addition to keeping people interested in the app! 

Snapchat Caption Styles

In other Snapchat news, Portrait Mode could be coming

Snapchat Portrait Mode



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